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Tuesday, November 12, 2013

8:30 AM How Will We Know What Our Students Know?: Building Quality Assessments Michael Rush
  Strategic Partnerships and Action Planning for College Readiness Sarah Katherine Collins & Charis McGaughy
  Blogs, Podcasts, Wikis and Social Networking Sites to Increase Engagement and Achievement Meg Ormiston
  How Great Schools Use Design Thinking to Improve Student Agency John Nash
  Project-Based Learning: Performance from Purpose Steven Loser, Jeff Spencer & Ryan Steuer
  The Multiplier Effect: Tapping the Genius Inside Your Organization Elise Foster
1:00 PM From Systems to Schools: Building Effective Career Pathways to the Future James R. Stone III
  Creating an Early College of Excellence Judith Hennessey & Thomas Lasley II
  Rethinking District Design: Preparing Graduates Ready for College and Career Paul Buck & Alan Veach
  Infoclutter: Processing Info in New Ways Meg Ormiston
  The Multiplier Effect: Tapping the Genius Inside Your Organization Elise Foster

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

8:00 AM Creating Master Teachers in Every School – Robyn Jackson
9:30 AM Districts of Innovation: Transforming the Learning System in Public Schools Buddy Berry, Carmen Coleman & David Cook
  Preparing Students for College and Careers – Early College Career Centers Ron Hoke, Carolyn Jones, Wendy Skibinski & Mike Zimmerman
  The Blueprint for College Readiness: Strategies to Successfully Align K-12 and Higher Education Matt Gianneschi 
  How Do We Compare? Indiana’s Status on the Common Core Michael Rush
  Digital Storytelling: The Key to Reaching Learners of All Abilities Meg Ormiston
  Don’t Type at Me in that Tone of Voice! Allison Holland
  Tips from the Top: District Leaders of Technology – Charles Grable, Todd Hurst, Ann Linson & Stacey Schmidt
  Revelations, Reflections and Resources from the PBL… Merging Initiatives on the Education Super Highway – Mike Gorman
  Leading PBL Schools Diane Clancy & Sandi Squire
  Service-Learning: Apathetic Students to Concerned Citizens Jeff Spencer & Ryan Steuer
  The Senate and House Education Committee Leadership Speaks – Representative Bob Behning, Senator Dennis Kruse & David Dresslar
10:45 AM Launch, Prioritize and Support Your School’s College Readiness: An Overview of CampusReady Sarah Collins & Charis McGaughey
  What’s Next for STEM in Indiana? – Paul Ainslie, Claudia Cummings, Jeremy Eltz, Todd Hurst & Terri Schulz
  Engaging e-Curriculum… Finding, Curating, and Employing New Information and Resources for the Digital Classroom – Mike Gorman
  You’re 1:1, Now What? Progressive Tips for the 1:1 Classroom Justin Vail
  Homegrown Innovations: Multiple Virtual Pathways to Student Success Derek Eaton, Michelle Green, Kim Hendrick & Joanna Ray
  Creating Entrepreneurial Opportunities in Indiana Ron Arnold, Craig Lindvahl & Bill Turner
  Be Your Own News Source – Social Media Donna Petraits, Tricia Reynolds & Sharon Trisler
  PBL Teacher Certification – Trisha Burns, Suzanne Diehn, Kate Edgren, Lyndsey Linneweber, Steven Loser & Lynn Lupold
  Secrets to Building Teacher Will & Skill – Robyn Jackson
  A New Era at the Indiana Department of Education – Teresa Brown, Risa Regnier, Amy Horton & David Dresslar
  Indiana at the Crossroads in Teacher Evaluation – Beth Niedermeyer, Sara Pies, Ryan Russell, Tammy Ummel & Jen Oliver
12:00 PM The End of Wonder in the Age of Whatever – Michael Wesch
1:30 PM Gateway Course Success: College Readiness Redefined Cheryl Orr Dixon
  Indiana Academic Standards and the Indiana Common Core: What Does the Legislative Pause on Common Core Mean for Schools and What Should I Be Telling My Teachers? Schauna Findlay
  Carpe Data: Digitally Leading a Connected School Dan Layton & Chad Smith
  Creating and Collaborating with Google Apps Allison Holland
  Reading and Writing across the Curriculum: Empowering Students with Technology Meg Ormiston
  Indiana Industry: The Role of Employers in Indiana Education – Brad Bishop, Sherrie Bossung, Reginald McGregor & Matt Fleck
  How to Inspire Wonder, Curiosity, and Creativity through Project-Based Learning – Michael Wesch
  Synergistic and Creative Ways to Partner in Preparing PBL Educators: Multiple Approaches for New Learning Environments – John Hartwyk, Angelia Ridgway, Deb Sachs, Jeff Spencer & Gaoming Zhang
  Indiana’s Teacher Evaluation Legislation: Implications and Challenges for Policy, Higher Education and Professional Development – Sandi Cole, Suzanne Eckes, Hardy Murphy, Pat Rogan & Jen Oliver
  The Role of Administrative Leadership Associations in Indiana Educational Policy – Todd Bess, Frank Bush, J.T. Coopman & Trisha Wlodarczyk
2:45 PM Closing the Gap in What High Schoolers Read and What College Expects Jason Turner
  Two Districts’ Approach to College and Career Readiness Carroll Easterday & Wendy Skibinski
  The Commission for Higher Education: Strategies for College Completion and Student Success – Sarah Ancel, Jason Bearce, Molly Chamberlin & Trisha Wlodarczyk
  Ignite the “T” in STEM! 
  Just in Time PBL Resources John Hochstetler & Renee Isom
  Education Is Everyone’s Business: Building Coalitions with Businesses to Create Regional Learning Systems – John Burnett & Jack Hess
  Marketing Helps Make It Happen Susan Haynes, Mary Lang & Marianna Richards
  Teacher Preparation Clinical Residency Program: What’s Its Worth? Jill Bradley-Levine, Jean S. Lee, Gina Mosier & Deb Sachs
  The Center for Education and Career Innovation: Educational Leadership from the Governor’s Office Jackie Dowd, Claire Fiddian-Green & David Dresslar
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