CELL at UIndy

Center of Excellence in Leadership of Learning

Our Work

Created in 2001, the Center of Excellence in Leadership of Learning (CELL) at the University of Indianapolis is focused on all children graduating from high school fully prepared for success in postsecondary education and the 21st-century workforce. The Center has generated nearly $40 million in funding to support its work as the leader for innovative education change in Indiana.

CELL provides leadership that is both cutting-edge and action oriented. Via partnerships with international, national and local education leaders and organizations, CELL unites districts, schools, communities, universities, and businesses to build a sense of urgency and form innovative collaborations for statewide educational and economic improvement. Key funding is provided by Lilly Endowment Inc.

Strategic Education Initiatives

  • Lilly Endowment Comprehensive Counseling Initiative – This initiative was created to promote and support the development and implementation of innovative, promising and sustainable comprehensive counseling models to address the academic, college, career and social/emotional counseling needs of K-12 students in Indiana public school corporations and charter schools.
  • Early College High School – helping first-generation, socioeconomically disadvantaged, and minority high school students take rigorous college-level classes to earn both a high school diploma and credits toward a two- or four-year postsecondary degree.

  • Education Workforce Innovation Network – developing regional collaborations between business and education leaders to address the challenges facing Indiana’s schools and workforce.

  • Services & Technical Assistance – In addition to providing free support and training opportunities to districts and communities across the state, CELL also offers more extensive fee-based options. Some have specified rates, while others can be customized to school and community needs and goals. A general list of offerings is included; however, please contact CELL (317-788-3777) to create or customize services as needed.
  • Research & Evaluation – examining instructional techniques, school models and educational practices to support data-driven decision-making for improved student achievement and learning opportunities.

  • STEM Teach – coordinating a coalition of independent institutions to work together to increase the number of highly qualified teachers of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics in Indiana. (Independent Colleges of Indiana partnership)

Resulting from CELL’s multi-pronged approach to changing the education landscape of Indiana, several community-based teams from across the state are actively investigating and/or implementing cutting-edge, innovative school reform. The University of Indianapolis through CELL and its partners, continually works to be a resource for awareness, exploration and in-depth, innovative school transformation by remaining focused on educational excellence and achievement for all students.

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