CELL at UIndy

Center of Excellence in Leadership of Learning

Past Indiana’s Future Conferences

2013 Conference
Turning Challenges into Opportunities

2012 Conference
Focused on strategies and methods to prepare students for the exciting transformative opportunities coming to Indiana schools.

2011 Conference
Uniting business, community, and education leaders to engage in groundbreaking innovative education transformation sessions focused on student achievement and college attainment.

2010 Conference
Focused on graduating all Indiana students college-ready and prepared for 21st-century success, the 2010 conference will feature ideas and strategies for rethinking education, reinventing schools and renewing opportunity for students and our state.

2009 Conference
The 2009 conference will provide innovative strategies, promote ingenuity and establish statewide initiatives to improve educational and economic opportunities in Indiana.

2008 Conference
The 2008 conference examined how Indiana’s high schools can respond to a changing world to create globally competent students prepared for the 21st century.

2007 Conference
The 2007 conference focused on equity, engagement and education strategies leading to economic success.

2006 Conference
Taking a global approach to education, the 2006 conference worked to create world-class schools through leadership and learning.

2005 Conference
As the inaugural conference, the 2005 event established a clear connection between high schools and economic development to create a sense of urgency for education reform.

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