CELL at UIndy

Center of Excellence in Leadership of Learning

New Tech Resources

Planning & Development
Indiana Network of New Technology High Schools Replication Application for Start-ups
System Requirements for staff & student computers using PeBL
Indiana Dual Credit Provider Directory 
New Tech Resource Document

Project-Based Learning
New Skills for a New Century
Video: Project Based Learning: Explained.
Additional Resources

Napa New Technology High School
New Tech Network

Technology in Indiana New Tech High Schools
High Schools for Equity Policy Brief

Project-based Learning Research Summary
Postsecondary Student Success Study


The Use of Technology in the Math Classroom

Making 21st Century Schools: Creating Learner-Centered Schoolplaces/Workspaces for a New Culture of Students at Work 
Napa New Tech High: 5 Reasons This is the School of the Future

Letters of Recommendation
Initial Thoughts on the New Technology High School Model 

Notes to the South Bend Community School Corporation

Network Meeting Minutes
June 6, 2011
April 14, 2011
May 19, 2010
March 9, 2010
May 5, 2009
February 27, 2009
November 17, 2008
September 11, 2008

Network Presentations 
February 27, 2009
Middle School PBL Network
Considerations for Dual Credit


New Technology High School: New Schools & New Skills for the 21st Century
New Tech High @ Arsenal Tech: An IPS Community Partnership for 21st-Century Learning
A Vision of K–12 Students Today
Conversations with Columbus: Columbus Signature Academy – New Tech
Zebra New Tech Student Videos 
A Break from Tradition 
Scottsburg Makes a New Home for New Tech 
Access Denied to Permission Received: New Tech Students Change District’s IT Policy 
New Tech in Northeast Indiana
CSA Students Debut WWII Project on the Silver Screen
Conversations to Build School Culture at Indiana’s New Tech High Schools

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