CELL at UIndy

Center of Excellence in Leadership of Learning

Recognition for Exemplary Performance

A New Kind of Education

Adopting the New Tech School model requires a reinvention of teaching practices, learning methods and leadership strategies. Successful implementation requires dedication and determination. New Tech Network developed a recognition process to acknowledge and reward those schools and educators successfully implementing the model. Schools and teachers can elect to go through a rigorous evaluation process and self-assessment to determine their effectiveness. Exemplary schools are awarded the status of National Demonstration Sites. Teachers meeting the criteria of the model are certified as New Tech Distinguished Teachers. Educators can also go through an additional evaluation and preparation process to be endorsed as a New Tech Certified Trainer to help other teachers modify and improve instructional practices. These recognitions designate those schools and educators that are leaders of 21st-century learning and places them among an elite national group of acclaimed model schools, teachers and trainers.

Automatically list of schools and teachers HERE.

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