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PBL Resources

General Overview
Buck Institute for Education
This organization provides valuable tools and resources to educators to advance project-based learning.

Debunking Five Myths About Project-Based Learning
Learn the misconceptions and truths about project-based learning with this helpful Edutopia article.

Project-Based Learning Online
Project-based Learning Online provides guidance on designing projects, access to projects developed by other educators, and research and resources for project-based learning. The site also includes a project-based learning video library.  

PBL Videos
Edutopia: Project-Based Learning
This site contains several videos demonstrating the project-based learning approach and why it is important to student learning.

Project-Based Learning Institute 2010 – Keynote Videos with Alfred Solis
Alfred Solis from the Buck Institute for Education outlines the power of PBL and how educators can maximize their efforts in the classroom.

Project Based Learning: Explained.
This short video describes the essential elements of project-based learning and its impact in the classroom.

Education Issues in Brief: Project-Based Learning
This informative document details the current state of project-based learning in Indiana while highlighting the progress many schools around the state have made with PBL.

Project-Based Learning Research Summary
How effective is project-based learning? This research summary compiles the various studies about PBL to examine its impact on student learning.

PBL Using Technology
Google Lit Trips
Google Lit Trips are free, downloadable files that mark the journeys of characters from famous literature using Google Earth.  At each location along the journey there are markers with pop-up windows containing a variety of resources and relevant “real- world” information about the location being referenced.

International Education and Research Network
Connect with thousands of students and teachers across the globe through iEARN’s revolutionary approach to online collaborative learning.

Journey North
Journey North allows K-12 students to engage in global studies of wildlife migration and seasonal change while sharing their own field observations with classmates across North America.

PBL Tools
ProfilerPRO is a comprehensive survey tool developed to meet the evaluation and knowledge management needs of K-16 educators in measuring effects of technology adoption and integration into learning environments and staff development programs.

Project-Based Learning Checklists
How can you measure your PBL unit effectiveness? Use these customizable PBL checklists to keep your students on track.

RubiStar makes it easy for teachers to save valuable time by creating customizable rubrics for their projects so students can receive a great PBL experience.

PBL Support
21st-Century Educational Technology and Learning
Stay updated with the latest trends and ideas happening in 21st-century education with Michael Gorman, one of PBL’s best innovators.

Global Schoolhouse: A Tutorial for Collaborative Project-Based Learning
Global Schoolhouse harnesses the power of PBL and the Web through creating a multi-faceted tutorial system for educators at any level of PBL expertise.

How to Use Problem-Based Learning in the Classroom
This book helps teachers understand the process and benefits of problem-based learning by giving guidance on how to incorporate it into their methods.

Intel Education: Assessing Projects
Assessing Projects helps teachers create assessments that address 21st-century skills and provides strategies to make assessment an integral part of their teaching. The site also provides guidance to help students understand content more deeply, think at higher levels, and become self-directed learners.

Intel Education: Designing Effective Projects
Intel defines PBL while listing tips and tools for every step of PBL implementation from getting ideas for a PBL unit to seeing projects in action.

Learning Reviews
This website lists more than 40 great sites with PBL examples, guidance, rubrics, and templates.

PBL Resource List
Generated from Indiana’s 2010 PBL Institute, this list contains links to technology resources, articles, examples, assessment tools and group management ideas for project-based learning.

Problems as Possibilities
Problems as Possibilities provides multiple perspectives on problem-based learning, allowing educators to learn how they can adapt it to their unique teaching styles.

Project-Based Learning Links
Printable list of online resources to support project-based learning in schools and classrooms.

Put to the Test: Confronting Concerns About Project Learning
Questions abound about the inquiry-based teaching approach. Here are answers, from how to meet standards to keeping control of the classroom.

Teacher Tap
Designed as a resource site for teachers, Teacher Tap provides resources for project-, problem-, and inquiry-based learning activities.

The Project Approach
The Project Approach takes a unique perspective on PBL involving multiple teaching strategies to guide students through in-depth studies of real-world topics.

West Virginia Department of Education Teach 21
Teach 21 enables educators to quickly access 21st-century content standards, learning skills and PBL tools, as well as other resources that exemplify rigorous and relevant instructional design and delivery.

Project Examples
Global Schoolhouse: Internet Projects Registry
Need some project ideas to help get you started on your next PBL unit, or want to collaboratively engage your classroom in an online project? Check out Global Schoolhouse’s projects registry with thousands of examples.

PBL: Exemplary Projects
This site lists projects that serve as high-quality examples of project-based learning.  Projects are categorized under science, media arts, history, global community building, performing arts, math, and cross-curricular.

Project Exchange
Project Exchange is a place for teachers to access and share project-based learning curriculum. The site also includes videos about project-based learning. 

The Big List of Project Learning
Edutopia includes a list with more than 100 ideas and articles for project-based learning.

ThinkQuest Library
This award-winning resource contains 7,000+ projects co-developed by students and their teachers and offers students the opportunity to have their work published and seen by millions.

Teaching Modules
Teaching Module: Assessment
The assessment module is for use after completion of a project-based learning module or with participants who are familiar with project-based learning. The module includes parts for guided process and group participation.

Teaching Module: Project-Based Learning
Edutopia’s Project-Based Learning teaching module is divided into two parts. Part I gives an introduction to PBL and answers questions about the process. Part II provides readings and activities for experiential PBL.

Teaching Module: Technology Integration
The technology integration module is useful to help give people a background on technology integration and to help them envision through exploration how to integrate technology into schools and classrooms.


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