CELL at UIndy

Center of Excellence in Leadership of Learning

Technology as a Tool

“Connecting” Students to the Classroom

There is a noticeable absence of textbooks at New Tech, which have been replaced by technology. New Tech provides every student with a personal computer. Students use these computers equipped with today’s latest software to conduct online research, group projects and new media work. Students truly become “connected” to their learning in new and fascinating ways that help them grow academically and personally.


New Tech uses the Echo Collaborative Learning Environment technology platform that is entirely Web-based. Students and teachers can access the system anywhere the Internet is available, which truly makes learning an ongoing process that extends outside of the classroom. Echo goes beyond the capabilities of traditional online classroom management software to provide space for teachers to create and support a rigorous project-based curriculum and help formalize assessment of 21st-century skills. The system also acts as a place for students to access class materials and resources, collaborate with peers on projects, and communicate with teachers and classmates.

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