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Center of Excellence in Leadership of Learning

Important Note:
For future PBL Summer Institute and other professional development related activities, go to www.magnifylearningin.org or contact Lynn Lupold at lupoldl@uindy.edu.

Register for Magnify Learning’s Summer PBL Offerings

Magnify Learning is offering three professional development opportunities this summer – all centered around Project Based Learning (PBL). Pathways include PBL for beginners, those with PBL experience, school/program administrators, instructional coaches and educators seeking certification. Click here for more information or to register. Click here for more information or to register.

Ensuring High-Quality PBL Practice

Indiana Collaborative for PBL

The Indiana Collaborative for PBL (ICPBL or The Collaborative) is comprised of six organizations which have come together for the purpose of supporting, sponsoring, and funding specific PBL project work across the state of Indiana. ICPBL is partnering with Rose Hulman Technical Institute to create and maintain a project library website that includes links to each of the six supporting organizations,  as well as information about the PBL Teacher / Leader Certification process. CELL serves as the fiscal agent for The Collaborative.

Members of The Collaborative have agreed to:

  • Provide and/or support high-quality PBL professional development
  • Promote the interests of the ICPBL throughout the State of Indiana
  • Collaborate to promote the interests of the ICPBL to external sources
  • Maintain regular contact with all PBL networks in Indiana
  • Refrain from competing in one another’s geographic regions
  • Collaborate on operational and regular updates of the ICPBL web site at Rose Hulman
  • Contribute equal financial support for the maintenance of the PRISM and additional WIC PBL initiatives.
  • Serve as a review body for evaluation and certification of PBL teachers/leaders

Governing body of the ICPBL:

Center of Excellence in Leadership of Learning (CELL)
MSD Wayne Township Schools
Talent Initiative

Other supporting schools:

MSD Decatur Township Schools
Bartholomew Schools
Plymouth Schools
University of Indianapolis

Learn more about PBL Certification.

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