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Part III: Submission Requirements and Examples

  1.  Title Page – Page 1

Examples of required pages can be seen below.

All pages must be numbered beginning with the Title page.

The title page example.

Name of Project

EX: Art for a Cause

Name of Teacher(s)

Name of School

Date of Submission

Page 1

2.       Table of Contents – Pages  must be consecutively numbered.

Under each Domain you must list what artifacts or evidence you are going to be submitting.  See example. Use the provided template for this portion of submission.

Table of Contents

Domain I: Project Design  
1.1 Content Knowledge and Skills  
Artifact(s) How did these artifacts fit this benchmark?
1b ENG 12 Standard Chart Spring 20091d-ENG 12 Careers Daily Journal Both artifacts detail the collaborative effort between students and myself to develop Language Arts Content and skill.
1.2 Authenticity  
Artifact(s) How did these artifacts fit this benchmark?
1i-Career Fast Track Letter1j-Career Text Set Fast Track Budget Worksheet6a-ANGEL Screen Shot 1 I used the authenticity of each student’s chosen career field to make the Language Arts in my Senior level course relevant.

3.       Submitting Domain Artifacts / Sources: Pages  must be consecutively numbered.

Throughout the process there will be expectations for submitting each of the components in the portfolio by Domains number Domain I, Domain II and Domain III. Each Domain has a sub category which must also be completed and numbered.  Failure to submit on due dates may end your endorsement participation and require starting over at the next opening date. At any point during the process the review team has the right to halt the process or offer suggestions for improvement and re-submission.

If a candidate fails to submit the items requested, they may be asked to withdraw from the submission period certification process and resubmit for certification the following year.  The review team will make this decision based on artifacts provided.

It is not the intent or the responsibility of the Review Team to provide PBL instruction or resources to any of the candidates. Rather, it is the intent of the review team to validate authentic and rigorous PBL taking place in the candidate’s classroom or school.

Help sessions may be provided throughout the year on a scheduled basis. in addition there will be opportunity for individuals in need of questions answered to contact ICPBL directly.

Evidence submitted must comply with the provided templates. Download the template as a Word document. Save the document with your first and last name as the file name. Email it to lupoldl@uindy.edu. 

All artifacts / evidence submitted must be numbered to correspond with each of the Domains and the sub categories. Example: Domain 1- 1.1. Provided templates must be used and not altered.

 4.       Attachments of Examples and Samples – Pages  must be consecutively numbered.

Additional attachments may be submitted as attachments in word, power point, excel, or video form. These additional attachments must include how they are related to a specific Domain by adding that Domain number on the attachment. These may include samples of student work and or exhibition and or data collected to support and show a specific Domain connection. Any and all attachments must be downloadable and not exceed more than 1-2 pages of examples per Domain.

ICPBL Domain Example

5.      Other submission materials-Pages must be consecutively numbered.

In the event there are other materials that you feel might better demonstrate or support the work being submitted ask first if needed and then only submit what is requested.

Download the template as a Word document. Save the document with your first and last name as the file name. Email it to lupoldl@uindy.edu. 

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