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PBL in Action

Let’s “Get Real”

To really understand project-based learning, it’s best to see it in action. PBL truly brings education to life. Students achieve new levels of learning, engagement and skill development. The following videos explain project-based learning and its impact on student achievement.

An Introduction to Project-Based Learning
This video produced by Edutopia shows students creating projects that demonstrate core subject knowledge to introduce the key elements of PBL’s hands-on approach to teaching and learning.

Project-Based Learning: Explained
This simple video explains project-based learning in the context of the 21st-century skills this teaching methodology provides.

Alfredo’s Story: How Project-Based Learning Promoted Group Work & a Great Attitude
PBL emphasizes collaborative, hands-on learning. Students work together using critical-thinking skills to complete in-depth projects and presentations. Witness Alfredo’s PBL journey to see how this once eighth-grade outcast became a classroom hero.

Access Denied to Permission Received: New Tech Students Change District’s IT Policy
School districts often have some of the most restrictive Internet policies to protect students and staff. However, sometimes restricting the Internet restricts learning. Columbus Signature Academy–New Tech facilitator Rachelle Antcliff looked to fix this by developing a class project that put students in front of the school board to advocate for change. See how this project changed the Bartholomew Consolidated School Corporation’s Internet policy and why it was honored as a top project in the nation.

CSA Students Debut WWII Project on the Silver Screen
New Tech students at Columbus Signature Academy came together to direct, film, interview, edit, research, and raise funds for their production of a feature-length World War II documentary, all while learning history along the way. Students took the initiative to reach out to war veterans around the community for guidance in this innovative project.

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