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What sets CELL apart is its comprehensive approach to research and evaluation. When developing studies, CELL works closely with education and community stakeholders to ensure the research design meets their needs. During the research process, these stakeholders provide ongoing feedback to ensure reliable and accurate data. At the conclusion of the study, CELL’s research team provides actionable recommendations for improvement based on the evaluation outcomes. Researchers then provide additional information and resources to support further development of innovative educational practices.

CELL has a reputation as an independent voice and a history of collaborating with other institutions and non-profit agencies to meet the research and evaluation needs of diverse audiences. CELL’s knowledgeable research team has expertise in quantitative, qualitative, and mixed research designs and methods, and the team is available for exploratory research, evaluation of grant-funded initiatives, and assessment of policies, structures or programs. The extensive experience as K-12 educators allows CELL to deliver pragmatic and useful recommendations for growth and improvement.

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