CELL at UIndy

Center of Excellence in Leadership of Learning

Research & Evaluation Capacity

Program evaluation. An examination of educational initiatives determines if programs meet prescribed outcomes and goals, as is required for most state- and federally-funded grant programs. CELL’s research team is also available to consult on the evaluation plan during the grant-writing process.

Community capacity analysis. Research that evaluates a community’s capacity to sustain certain educational programs with the overall intention of determining the types of supports necessary to maximize educational outcomes within the community.

Education policy review. A review of the governmental, academic and organizational sectors’ former and current efforts to reform education to develop a better understanding of complexities within the education field.

Data visualization. A visually stimulating graphic presentation of data helps stakeholders understand student or program outcomes, assessment results, and research findings.


Professional Development Capacity

Teacher action research. Teachers learn how to leverage their own research skills to independently develop research questions and data collection plans for tracking and improving student performance within their schools and classrooms.

Data-driven decision making. School leaders and teachers learn how to collect, manage, and conduct basic analysis of student data to inform instructional and curricular decisions at the school or district level.

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