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Research Studies

Innovation through Information

CELL uses research to respond to evolving opportunities, challenges, questions, and concerns.  Using research as a tool to evaluate both existing programs and promising practices, CELL provides the data to drive decision-making that ultimately benefits all Indiana students. Following is a list of CELL’s ongoing research studies:

School Studies

Decatur Middle School Project-Based Learning Study longitudinal exploratory mixed methods study, including an investigation of the PBL planning and implementation process through the collection of qualitative data followed by the collection of quantitative data to evaluate student outcomes and compare groups. In particular, this study explores teacher collaboration patterns, and areas of success and challenge in PBL implementation. Further, relationships between student outcomes and PBL participation, and the effect of technology use will be examined.

Pike High School College and Career Preparation Study – a concurrent mixed methods study completed in spring 2012, which has woven the collection of quantitative and qualitative data together. Quantitative data informed the evaluation of student outcomes and provided comparisons among groups, while qualitative data described important qualities and effects of the program for students. This study collected data about Pike high School’s methods of improving the number of graduates who continue to higher education including an analysis of specific support structures for students and parents/guardians. Findings were reported through a research brief released in fall 2012.

M.S.D. of Perry Township Secondary Education Studyan explanatory mixed methods study conducted in spring 2012, including a comprehensive assessment of student and teacher performance, as well as stakeholder perceptions through quantitative data collection and analysis, followed by the collection and analysis of qualitative data to explain the relationships found in the initial quantitative work. The goal of this study was to accurately and reliably identify which factors impacted student achievement to inform the M.S.D. of Perry Township of specific areas of strength and needed development.

Teacher Education & Professional Development

Woodrow Wilson Indiana Teaching Fellowship Study – a multi-year concurrent mixed methods study with an emphasis on capturing the Fellows’ experiences as they become teachers, engaging in their pre-service training, and first three years of teaching. The purpose is to examine the program quality of the WWITF at the University of Indianapolis, specifically focusing on the Fellows’ experience during their teaching internship and the mentoring program.

Northeast Indiana Project-Based Learning Coaching Initiative Studyan ongoing concurrent mixed methods study examining the success of the PBL Coaching Initiative, specifically focusing on the coaching model. The study aims to capture the coaches’ experiences as they conduct their work as PBL coaches within Northeast Indiana schools. In addition, the study evaluates the level of teacher implementation of PBL across the region through a survey.

Project-Based Learning Institute Study – a longitudinal mixed methods study evaluating Indiana’s annual Project-Based Learning Institute and researching the long-term impact the event has on educators’ classroom teaching practices.

School Models

Early College High School Study – a multi-year case study analyzing student performance data as well as graduation results and post-secondary plans to determine potential effects of the Early College High School model related to student achievement, matriculation, and college readiness. Findings from the school were reported through a research brief released in fall 2012.

New Technology High School Study a longitudinal quantitative study examining the outcomes of Indiana schools implementing the New Tech high School model. Findings from one school were reported through a research brief released in fall 2012.

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