CELL at UIndy

Center of Excellence in Leadership of Learning

What is TAP™?

The System for Teacher & Student Advancement

Research shows that no other school-related factor impacts student learning more than the effectiveness of classroom teachers. Yet, work conditions, lack of support, and compensation often constrain effective teaching. In Indiana, far too many high-quality teachers leave the classroom and others lack the support to develop long-term academic growth among their students. TAP™: The System for Teacher & Student Advancement works to change that. TAP™ operates differently than most school reform efforts by making teacher excellence the cornerstone of increasing student achievement. The TAP system takes a multifaceted approach to developing and retaining talented teachers able to advance student academic growth and close achievement gaps. TAP’s comprehensive approach to developing excellent teachers includes:

  • Multiple career paths
  • Ongoing applied professional growth
  • Instructionally focused accountability
  • Performance-based compensation

TAP believes that quality education is about people, not programs. Therefore, TAP focuses on enhancing teacher quality through professional development, career advancement, and meaningful accountability. Using its ground-breaking comprehensive approach, TAP provides the training, support, evaluation, and compensation to help teachers improve student learning.

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