CELL at UIndy

Center of Excellence in Leadership of Learning

Why TAP™?

Teacher Talent for Student Success

Think back to the best teacher you ever had. What made them great? What if all teachers could be that good?

TAP™: The System for Teacher & Student Advancement works to attract, develop, motivate, and retain excellent teachers so all students, especially those in high-need schools, have access to exceptional learning opportunities. Using a rigorous model for professional growth and accountability, TAP™ improves teacher quality and impacts student learning. TAP encourages excellent teachers to stay in the classroom through career advancement opportunities and compensation to reward excellence. Less effective teachers have the opportunity to improve through professional development opportunities and one-on-one coaching. TAP’s ultimate goal is to equip classrooms with excellent teachers to increase academic achievement for all students.

TAP draws talented people to the teaching profession—and keeps them there—by making it even more rewarding to be a teacher. TAP provides educators with:

  • Meaningful opportunities for professional growth
  • Time for colleague collaboration during the school day
  • Ongoing classroom evaluations that improve teaching skills
  • School-based professional development for strategies that promote student learning
  • Career advancement opportunities tied with higher salaries that keep excellent teachers in the classroom

TAP represents a comprehensive support system so that all teachers throughout a school can achieve excellence to ensure the academic success of every student.

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