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Achievement & Effectiveness Impact

Decreasing Teacher Turnover

TAP™: The System for Teacher & Student Advancement isn’t just some educational “song and dance.” Time and again TAP has improved teaching and learning within the classroom. Here’s just a few ways TAP schools benefit from excellent educators:

  • TAP schools typically outperform similar non-TAP schools in producing an average year’s growth or more in both reading and math achievement.
  • In the 2008 annual survey of TAP teacher attitudes, about 70 percent of teachers reported increased levels of collegiality.
  • TAP reduces teacher turnover rates, such as in South Carolina schools where turnover rates exceeding 30 percent annually were reduced to less than 10 percent.
  • TAP’s career opportunities and performance bonuses attract outstanding teachers from higher-income schools to high-need schools.
  • TAP provides a strong recruitment incentive for encouraging outstanding educators to teach in high-need schools. In some high-need districts, 75 percent of TAP master and mentor teachers came from more affluent schools to take these positions.
  • TAP principals consistently report that it is easier to recruit quality teachers than it was prior to implementing TAP.
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