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TAP™ Research & Analysis

Built on Best Practices

Lowell Milken launched TAP™: The System for Teacher and Student Advancement in 1999 having designed the program based on scientific research from the fields of education, business, and management. TAP’s four Elements of Success stem from best practices in commerce and industry to develop and motivate employees. This research-focused, broad-based approach to education reform has resulted in better opportunities for thousands of teachers resulting in enhanced learning experiences for hundreds of thousands of students.

TAP™ Elements of Success Research

Multiple Career Paths – developed based on a business model in which employees are able to move up the ranks based upon additional roles and responsibilities and be compensated for this work.

Ongoing Applied Professional Growth – TAP’s model for job-embedded, student learning-centered professional growth opportunities led by in-school experts is based on 30 years of research which concludes that for professional development to be effective, it must be sustained and directly related to the circumstances at the school site.

Instructionally Focused Accountability – supported by TAP’s Teaching Skills, Knowledge and Responsibilities Performance Standards, which were developed based on education psychology research focusing on learning and instruction.

Performance-Based Compensation – incorporates private sector findings and teacher quality research to provide educators with a mechanism to reward them for both their classroom performance and the academic outcomes of their students.

Now having been in schools for more than 10 years, research shows that the TAP system results in a more effective teaching staff and greater student growth over time. The system’s work with states and districts has earned it a reputation as one of the nation’s most powerful systems for increasing student achievement.

TAP™ Examination of Effectiveness

TAP™ Research & Reports – A comprehensive list of research validating TAP’s effectiveness for education reform ranging from studies on teacher evaluation, performance-based pay, school-wide implementation, teacher morale, and student academic growth.

TAP™ Case Studies

Algiers Charter Schools Association Case Study
After just one year with TAP, ASCA students scored more than 22 percent higher than their neighboring peers in math and reading, and after three years, the positive results were even more drastic.

Chicago Public Schools Case Study
Early reports from an ongoing study show that TAP’s comprehensive support structure has had a positive impact on teacher mentoring and retention in Chicago Public Schools. Teachers in TAP schools receive more mentoring support than their non-TAP peers and TAP has increased teacher retention in schools by five percent.

Forest Hill Elementary Case Study
TAP at Forest Hill Elementary resulted in student growth in math proficiency from 73 to 90 percent and a School Performance Score increasing from 105.2 to 124.5 in just two years. As a result, every teacher earned a TAP performance bonus.

Teachers Union Case Study
In Minneapolis, Minnesota, and Columbus, Ohio, the teachers unions pushed for the adoption of TAP. The result was significant student achievement gains across the districts and a collaborative environment among unions, districts, and teachers.

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